Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fear un limited

Fear, has been stalking me for the last couple days , the mind
has been stuck in an infinite fear loop , a situation when, normal rational thinking stops..
Trust me , free and rational thinking had , stopped, all thoughts ,irrational and seemingly with one conclusion that it cannot be done irrespective of how simple it was ...

the mind always , some how or another always complicated things , this has been the crazy part the rational thinking had stopped .....

finally after , much of this torment , time has arrived to realize fear not for none is so big or impossible that can't be achieved ..

It is all abut the fear ,and freeing one self from that fear
,u free of fear , nothing is impossible and then feel no fear ,,,

That is enough of fear , to the present , hey finally was able to load music on to the, phone
but ,all the pic's and video's that were there got deleted .......

At this points , reminds me during the aerosmith show , did take some video's.
Which in this song transfer event got deleted . Do remember guitar claiming it to be cliche take pics during the show., (what that means will have to ask him ).any ways the vedios are history

The video's getting erased clear indication that shit happens ,, and happens pretty often.

what else that is all

that is it till next wacky mind twisting topic.

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Kondayya said...

Yo loffer..fear of my question? is it the fear..when you are doing worthwile?or is the fear about the future..?I wonedr what the fear is all about..hey that reminds..whats your current ring tone? I hope its " Yeh Mera Jahaan' song worries the end ..all man's creation has no value..dont brood over lost picx..send pix of your dog..if you got any?