Sunday, February 18, 2007

phase 1

The best is always in the rest ,,, does that make any sense . No it does not make ,so it sound's a perfectly good way to start .
So let beginning be from the last ,last was the "CAN " and the worm's .The worm's are out the race has begun , and let the best win ...Okay here what winning mean , I really do not know. What winning will mean no big guess who shall be crowned the, real winner....
You guessed it, not the one comes first, but the one who comes last, for in coming last the proof has been laid, that u don't win by coming first,u don't win by seeing of ur competition off...
U win by ,seeing all ur competition cross the line and still not loose the heart ,the gut instinct to still wriggle up to the the line, knowing very well that , no one will be waiting for u there "except"
the joy and satisfaction of completion which is "Victory at her best"..
Phase one will be all about, the big race ????
The big race, what big race? I do not have the answer .. all i have are clues..
Clues which are small , unknown and obscure to all who look,,,
But look away from where u look , but do look ...
For no one knows what the eye's have failed to see...
$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$
### ###
&&&& &&& &&&&
Time for the end ,but the end will lead to a new beginning......


Kondayya said...

*laughing loudly*..

sshhhh..gets kicked out yet what amazing eye-opener..
:-))..u make my day..[:P]

implodingdarkness said...

anto macha.... sakkath work... brilliant philosophy interwoven with pure anto insanity!!!

folks... looks like this blog is going to be one hell of a 'post-MORTIN' of anto's classic thinking machine.... get ready for the 'adi adi adi only.....'

Snowman said...

just cant wait for phase 2 mom..